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Our Storytellers

Jump ahead 150 years….  

The young, beautiful, Jewish girl lies about her age to go to a wild greek dance party next door. There she meets a boy from a greek mountain village who horns in when her "date" doesn't come. They kiss at midnight...50 years pass and here they are: Andreas & Renée, a greek and a jew.  

Why a steakhouse too? This piece of the puzzle comes from Andreas’s journey to America where he became enamored with steak, coca cola - and his future wife of 50 years, Renée. He always loved and dreamed about owning a bonafide and top draw steak house -- so here it is. Merakia Greek Mountianthief spithouse and steak.

What makes us tick

In addition to Renée who runs around like a mother hen we’ve got our hard-working team.

Chef Giuseppe Scalco

A proud born and bred greek also with roots in Italy as well, landed in NYC without a word of English 4 years ago—determined to win over the hungry locals. And what’s his favorite catchphrase; “our is food is wow!” and it surely is…

taryn spivack

Taryn Spivack, our operations director, has grown up in the industry since she was 16, is a human whirlwind who thinks –and talks-- a hundred miles a minute. Owner Andreas often cannot keep up with what she is saying (like his daughters!) but thinks she is really smart….

Tasso Ballas

Merakia’s menu concept was launched with the help of the wild creative mind of larger than life Greek restaurant maestro Tasso Ballas. And his partner (thief) in crime Andreas Kelemides, (the long-haired hellene according to the New Yorker 2017 review) a longtime warm and colorful fixture in the Greek restaurant scene.